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Regardless if you are in the retirement red zone (5 years), 20 years from retirement, about to retire, just retired or have been retired for a long time; It really comes down to this. Do you want more income or less? Do you want to pay more tax or less? Do you want risk of market loss, or No Market Loss?


Did you know by the time the stock market crash of 1929 bottomed out in 1932, the total loss was 89% and it took until 1956 to get back to even; 24 years just to get back to where you started.

Have you heard of the lost decade? The lost decade occurred between 1999 and 2010. People who were in the market lost -9.03% in 2000, -11.85% in 2001, -21.97% in 2002 and -36.55% in 2008. It took until 2010 to have the same amount of money in their account that they started with in 1999.

You worked hard for your money. This is why we believe loss to Market risk is Unacceptable in Retirement. Our solutions are for conservative investors “Who Do Not Like to Lose Money”. Are you a conservative investor?


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Our services, which are really solutions, are unique and solve the real problems you face in retirement. We offer Income Recovery Solutions designed to give you more inflation adjusted income, significantly reduce taxable income (as much as 85% on social security income), make certain you “NEVER RUN OUT of MONEY” in retirement, make certain you “NEVER LOSE” money and recover sildenafil citrate 100mg your original investment principal. Contact us or request a “no cost or obligation” appointment today!


In America there are two tax systems. One for the informed, they pay lower taxes and there’s one for the under-informed and they usually pay higher taxes. Einstein Retirement Solutions are designed for maximum “TAX FREE” retirement income and eliminates future capital gains taxes and taxable interest. This solution eliminates Required Minimum Distributions on qualified retirement accounts like IRA’s, 401k’s and provides a tax free death benefit for your heirs and is protected from litigation and divorce after 2 years in most states. Contact us or request a “no cost or obligation” appointment today!


For those who need to get the most income in retirement we offer Optimum Income Solution. This unique type of planning is for those who

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this solution. If you basically need or want enough income to live comfortably in retirement, no matter how long that is. You won’t find a better solution that provides maximum inflation adjusted income designed to last a lifetime. Contact us or request a “no cost or obligation” appointment today.


How and when to begin social security is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Learning and considering all of your options, is a brief, but essential phase of retirement planning. We offer Social Security Optimization. 7 different filing strategies, 81 start age combination, and 567 sets of calculations make it nearly impossible to know how to apply all of the calculations necessary to make an educated pharmacyonline4better and informed decision in regards to making the best choice as it applies to your financial future. Without proper guidance you literally could be passing up hundreds of thousands of inflation adjusted retirement dollars; not to mention, lost monthly income for your spouse (if applicable), when he or she will need it most, after your demise. Our services will keep it simple and make it easy to understand. Contact us or request a “no cost or obligation” appointment today!


Thousands of Americans are facing a decision that will impact the rest of their lives; whether to take a lump sum payment of their pension or elect monthly payments. Unfortunately many will make the wrong decision and negatively impact their retirement future because of poor planning or no planning at all. We offer Pension Maximization. Let us help you assess your needs and desires, for life after work, calculate foreseeable and unforeseeable costs; help you better understand the options available through the pension offer and, ultimately, help you choose which option is best for your particular situation. You need to talk to us BEFORE accepting a pension offer. Contact us or request a “no cost or obligation” appointment today!


The Patient Protection and viagra falls band Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) is one of the most complicated and controversial pieces of legislation ever passed into law. How it will affect Medicare is crucial for older adults to understand. We offer Medicare and Health Care Reform education and solutions. Let us put our 25 years of experience to work for you. We will take the complicated Medicare choice options and make them simple for you to understand. We will help you find the most comprehensive coverage at the lowest price in your state. In other words we will “make certain” you do not pay for an expensive insurance plan and you don’t get stuck with unexpected expenses many plans don’t cover. When it comes sildenafil citrate online to prescription drug coverage (Medicare Part D) we will help you sort through the complicated process of choosing a plan that covers your drugs and costs you the least amount of money in terms of premium, deductible and co-pays. We will make this simple and easy to understand. The lack of knowledge of a careless advisor can cost you thousands of dollars in wasted premium and other out of pocket costs each year. You owe it to yourself to work with a knowledgeable professional. Contact us or request a “no cost or obligation” appointment today!


Public Speaking and Workshops – We offer educational workshops to the public, your group, organization or company. We do not charge for these workshops. who discovered viagra We only ask that we are able to offer each attendee an opportunity to work with a professional advisor one on one if they have an interest in the material covered. You will not be disappointed with the content of these programs. The titles of our presentations are: Medicare, Social Security and Health Care Reform and the effect on IRA’s, free cialis coupon 401k’s and other qualified retirement accounts., Social Security Optimization, Free Your Retirement and The Self-Funded Tax Free Private Pension Plan.


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