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Q: How long Will My Retirement Savings Need to Last?
A: No one knows for sure, 25-30 years is the average. It is even possible sildenafil 100 mg chile your retirement will be longer than your working years. We can help you make certain you “NEVER” run out of money in retirement; regardless of how long you live. Contact us or request an appointment today! “No cost” or “obligation”.

Q: How will Health Care expenses affect my retirement?
A: You will need more than you think. Most people underestimate by allocating only 10% of income (or less) to health care expenses. 30% is more realistic. Medicare spending cuts are estimated to be $716 billion over the next 10 years. The Medicare trust fund is projected to be insolvent between 2016 and 2024. Many companies do not offer health insurance after retirement and many are dropping retirees who are already retired. Health insurance premium increases are now averaging 5% to 30% per year. We offer comprehensive plans with the lowest rates

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in Indiana and Kentucky by top rated carriers who have the lowest rate increases in the industry. Contact us or request today to see how much you viagraonline-4betterlife can save. There is “no cost” or “obligation”.

Q: When should I begin taking social security benefits?
A: You could be passing up 25% to 32% in additional monthly inflation adjusted benefits that could be available by waiting until you are full retirement age or age 70. There is no benefit to sildenafil citrate sublingual 100mg delaying past age 70. The lack of knowledge of a careless adviser could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost benefits. Social security is complex with over 500 different filing options. Contact us today and receive a free personalized social security optimization report. We will help you make educated and informed decisions that are easy to understand. Contact us or request an appointment today! There is “no cost” or “obligation”.

Q: How will inflation affect my retirement?
A: You will require far more money to support your lifestyle in the future. Inflation has a profound effect on your quality of life. Failing to account for the effects of inflation cialis coupon free trial is a very dangerous mistake. When you are working your wages generally rise as the cost of goods and services increase. Your earnings “keep pace” with inflation, so normal inflation is not generally a big concern. However, when you are living off of retirement savings, inflation literally robs you of income. If you need $35,000 per year to live on now, you will need $47,037 in 10 years at 3% inflation. Inflation, simply put, is a cruel tax on retirees. Let us show you how to be prepared for this silent retirement killer. Call or request an appointment today. There is “no cost” or “obligation”. Contact us today!

Q: Are IRA’s, 401ks (defined contribution plan), tax sheltered annuities (teachers), and

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non-qualified tax deferred compensation plans a good investment?
A: Let me 1st ask you a question: If you were a farmer would you rather pay tax on the seed or on the Harvest? Hopefully you said on the seed. The fact is these aren’t retirement plans they are tax codes; Tax Code 401(a) is what we call the 401k (a defined contribution plan). Tax Code 408 is what we call an IRA (Individual Retirement Account). Tax Code 403(b) is what we call a tax sheltered annuity (teachers). Tax Code 457(b) (state and local government) is what euro meds online pharmacy we call a non-qualified tax deferred compensation plan. With these plans premiums are tax deductible (well they are not REALLY tax deductible necessarily) cialis uk cheap but when you put money in you don’t pay taxes on the contribution (the seed) but when you pull the money out(the harvest); it’s 100% taxable. You can defer taxes until age 70 ½ when sildenafil 20 mg price you are “forced” to take what is called an RMD (Required Minimum Distribution). Do you like the idea of someone telling you what to do with your money? Simply put these types of plans are NOT an investment they are “tax codes” the IRS has assigned to each type of account that provide certain tax treatment for your retirement assets and NOTHING more. Less than 1% of all financial planners & so called financial professionals who sell these plans, have little more than the upfront understanding of any of these tax codes. The lack of knowledge of a careless advisor can cost you HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of lost retirement income. Let us show you an IRS approved class of “TAX FRIENDLY” retirement savings vehicles that will beat the pants off your IRA, 401k or Pension Plan. Call us or Request an Appointment Today! As always, there is “no cost” or “obligation”.

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